Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dc Fashionweek Fashion show


So I did modelling for the dc fashionweek international couture fashion show that took place at the French Embassy! Got there about 12 noon and didnt get out until about 9pm! Definitely one of the longest day in my life. There were about 100+ models and 30 something hairdressers and make up artist. It was chaotic. The very crowded space we had to fit ourselves and our stuffs didnt help either.

Clothes by Heydari
Anyways, we had a little walk through test and i kinda failed and got the director a lil upset... wait no he was REALLY upset... because apparently we had to walk down in the middle of the runway and instead of stopping at the end, we just basically have to make a quick turn and walk back. Now he said this to a 100+ female models, and i happen to be standing right at the back when theres gigantic 6 ft women in front of me and continuous chattering and giggling which made it less helpful for me. So anyways, i did my walk and i stopped to pose at the end. There were designers there still looking for models for their clothes so everyone had to impress them. Anyways, obviously i failed and the director didnt even make retry and do my walk and told me to get off the runway lol.  so embarassed :( but its cool its my first time, ill learn from my mistakes.

Clothes by Modern Mary
So luckily there were 2 designers that already picked me prior to the event so i still get to strut my stuff :)
The adrenaline was pumping through my veins when it was my turn to conquer the runway. There were about 100+ people looking directly at me, 20+ HOT lightbulbs and flashes blinding my eyes. Gurl, it was definitely nerve racking... But i kept my composure, walked the runway like i owned it!

Aside from the awesome experience being in the runway. I have met amazing people through it as well! Some were snobby lil biatches, but some are also very friendly.

Hairdresser :D

My friends Marisa and Tia was there to support me! thanks guys. After the event, we went to a local bar and basically celebrated the success  :) What a day!


  1. I think you'd make a great print model. You're extremely photogenic. The camera likes you, for sure. Either way, you're doing well, even though you are having second thoughts about it....

  2. I just want to repeat what is already said: You do well, very well, extremely well, even though you are having second thoughts you can enjoy this part of life. Maybe there are many untrodden paths which you will find when needed.