Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Innocent Lives Losts... So sad :'(

This is sad and unfortunate...
I can only imagine how its like there... before... during... and after the earthquake and tsunami.
I imagine the panic, the horror, the sadness, the helplessness one would feel.
I imagine how its like to be a child in that school, naive of what was going on around them. Scared of the inevitable and unimaginable. The lives those 77 children would of led if the tsunami didn't wash away all their future and their dreams.
I definitely cried.

This is why i have to be strong. My situation may be bad but its definitely not as worst as what these families may be experiencing. I am thankful for what i have and everyday i cherish and live my life to the fullest! Lets be grateful :)

Please pray for the people affected by this unfortunate disaster! 
Visit this site to see how you can help

I already donated $10! It might not be big but will definitely make a difference :)
So could you :)

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  1. Yes this is indeed a bad terrible thing. peole can also donate through Redcross. I include links to various charitys on one of my write ups to previous videos.

    Hope your ok and many thanks for following my channel. you rock trista!