Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Hair Dye Disaster!

So me and my friend Domicyl have been planning on coloring our hair light brown to prepare for summer. Today, was the day! So me and her got to her car and begun our trip to Sally's Beauty Supply! We spent about an hour there just trying to choose a good hair color for us.

We ended up buying :

2 tubes of  L Oreal 8N Light Neutral Blonde for her (it turns reddish brown in black hair, ive dyed my hair this color before) 
2 tubes of Wella Light Ash Blonde 8N for myself (turns light brown on black hair, but half my hair has alrdy been dyed before so it wont take in color very well)
30 L Oreal Developer
Wella bleaching powder x2 (as she wanted highlights as well)
A plastic cup and brush for application
A highlighting cap

Anyways, we were so excited but at the same time very nervous.... Light Blonde on our hair... yes very scary lol.
We planned on taking before and after pictures and these are hers.

Color she wants

So the hair dying begins! 4 oz of the developer + 2 tubes of the 8N dye in a cup and mix it well. I applied it to her hair from midsection to bottom, waited a few minutes and hit the roots (this way, the roots wont turn lighter as it lifts color faster because its close to the scalp and the heat speeds it up) The application prolly took10 -15 mins and we left it off in her hair for 15-20. So we were so excited revealing her newwww hottttt hair color! She jumped on the tub like its a life saver and immediately washed her hair!

And walah....

ehh... umm.... yeahhhh... not so much what we were expecting.... lol
I mean its not that bad... maybe...

The hair color was uneven, it was lighter on the roots dark brown by the ends. Her left side is also lighter than the right side... OOOOPPPSS! my fault. I felt really bad but i swear I did everything by the book though, and we sat for hours trying to figure out why it turned out that way and how to fix it.

Courtesy of
We didnt want to mess it up any further! so we decided to just find a salon to color correct her hair! So we went around the area looking for a good salon with a good price! We got mix comments on it and mix price! One salon said it would cost $200 to match her darker ends with her lighter roots (She want how her light reddish brown roots turned out) and it would take at least 4 hrs!!! 2 of the salon said they can not make the ends lighter like the roots and gave us a price of $50-70. One salon though offered to even out her hair with the color she wants and a hair cut for $170! BINGO! So we immediately scheduled an appointment for tomorrow! And now its 8:30 pm and we started at 3 :) Whew what a long day!

Thankfully enough though, we didnt have time to do my hair today! And i can only imagine the horror it woulda been! My hair was previously dyed too so its a bit more complex to color than an untouched hair. Additionally, i chose a color lighter than what she did! I dodged a bullet there :P Im waiting a few more weeks till i get enough money to get mine professionally done lol.


  1. Aw, it is troublesome dyeing your hair from dark to a lighter colour, always turns out reddish. Had the same problem when I had coloured my blond hair black and wanted to go back to being blond again, I looked abit like I had a carrot on my head or something haha! I hope it works out well for you two and that you get the result you are trying to achieve :)

    Best Wishes!

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  2. haha yea thats bad! how did you fix it?

  3. Well it was kind of a bad fix, I went to a hairdresser that dyed my hair abit more brownish and with highlights, still looked abit orange though but atleast better. I had quite short hair back then though so I decided to let my natrual colour grow out, so after awhile the orange was gone. So yah not the best solution! Hopefully if you go to a professional that know what they are doing you can get the right colour on your hair at once. If you are not happy with the result you can always colour it darker to fix it :) and your hair looks great dark aswell so no need for you to worry, just don't dye it too many times so the hair falls off :P

  4. Was that girl really your friend? Did you have an axe to grind with her? Was it a personal vendetta on your part? Lol. By the way, I'd love to meet your friend. I'm sure she's in need of someone's shoulder to cry on. Well, do you have another victim already in mind, Trista? Lol. I'm only teasing you. ^__^