Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trans_formed! INSIDE AND OUT!

My friend Domicyl recently broke up with her 5-6 years bf. She was, as expected, heart broken and her spirit is down. This reminded me of my 6 yr  relationship. I know how it feels like. To cheer her up and bring her spirit back up, we decided to do a make over for her!

So today started with me and my friend Domicyl's trip to the salon to fix the hair disaster i caused yesterday lol. She had an appointment at 1:30 pm but we were prolly 10 mins late as there was a car accident that happened right in front of my house and we couldn't get out. Anyways, we got to the salon and the long agonizing Color correction treatment begun.


Stripping out our failed hair color
They started by stripping off the dye pigment we deposited on her hair yesterday which took about 30 mins. Then they had to bleach her whole entire hair which took another 30 mins. They looked at it and saw that the her hair now became very light at the ends while the roots stayed the same color lol. Her hair is so weird. So they reapplied the bleach on her roots and let 30 mins pass by again. Finally, her hair got light enough and they begun dying her entire hair a light brown color. That took another 30 mins. After that, she got her hair cut and made it a layered cut. Overall, it turned out really pretty! Im so jealous :P

OVERALL COST: $170 + $30 tip = $200

STEP 2 Speed Bleaching Her Hair
Right before STEP 3
Bleeched out hair ready
to be dyed again!
The correct way lol


So whats a new hair cut without a trip to a beauty store! She never or rarely applied make up on herself so she was a make-up virgin. But dont worry, thats what im here for :D So unfortunately we were running out of time and there was no sephora or mac near us so we went to another Beauty store called Ulta. They offer pretty much the same as sephora.

We were browsing the store and trying make up that best suit her. We did her face and applied foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, bronzer, blush and mascara. Sounds alot right? but it isnt. Its very light and natural, look for yourself :D

These is what we bought:

Lorac N6 liquid foundation
Lorac C5 Concealer
Stilla Bronzer shade 02
Cargo Warm Eye Shadow set


She couldnt stop looking at the mirror and saying "OMG, I look and feel pretty!". Her confidence level went up 10 folds which is good. Who said make up isn't empowering! lol We were immediately noticing people looking at her more and treating her extra nice. What does this say about our society? lol sad truth but society can be very shallow sometimes.


After our trip to Ulta, we went to eat at Panera... I got Brocolli Cheddar soup (Good for cold, rainy, gloomy weather like todays) and a hot panini chipotle chicken. OMG delish! COST: $10

Later on after we finished grubbing on some food, we went to play volleyball to burn those fats we gained. We arrive at the facility and our friends continuously praised her and complimented her! This is very reassuring specially for her being recently single! She shouldn't settle for butthole guys. Shes pretty and shes nice and shes awesome, there are plenty of fishes in the sea. Theres someone out there better deserving of her. :) Sometimes, breakup is a good thing. It gives us a chance to reevaluate our own lives, no bfs to plan the future with. A fresh start is good :)


From a broken hearted stressed out girl to a sexy hot momma!!! It was definitely a good day! I love making people feel better about themselves, its very rewarding :D



 $200 (haircut, color, and tip)
$120 (foundation, concealer, bronzer, & eye shadow palette)
$10 dinner

CONFIDENCE (and a full stomach) = PRICELESS

My job here is done :D


  1. You girls look terrific? Are you sisters? Anyway, the make-over worked like a real confidence booster for your friend, after that god-awful thing you did to her hair. Lol. Anyway, Tista, stay beautiful as you are. I'm now a dedicated follower of your blog. P.S. Weren't you supposed to have something new done to your hair, as well?

  2. It is nice to see it worked out good with the re-dyeing of her hair, everyone needs a confidence boost sometimes, especially after a break up!

  3. Trista, you are such a beautiful person. I'm so glad I'm came across your blog.

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  5. Hi Trista, how is it going with your plans on dyeing your hair?

  6. Wow, your such a wonderful friend for being supportive and understanding of your friends pain and using positive energy to help her realize the beautiful woman that she is and that life goes on, in a good way. And obviously, she is in ded a beautiful woman who any man would be lucky to have in their life. I usually believe that breakups happen for a reason and I am sure it will be for the best. She has a great future ahead! Good going kind beautiful Trista!

  7. You are such a wonderful person to look after your friend in a time of need. I just found your YouTube site today, and I was sad to see that I had missed learning more about you, but I'm glad you have many references on your channel page so that I can learn how to be a better girl. It is easy to see ones actions and know that they are a good person vs. the rantings of 'talkers' that do nothing for others. Be well!