Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Se Sens Serene Fashion Show

Se Sens Serene Fashion was held in Baltimore MD!
Booked this fashion show through model mayhem :D

The event Flyer
Got to the event location at about 3pm. Was pain in the butt to get there but luckily enough found a parking spot directly in front of it. Anyway, the event location was at this very nice bar/lounge called Red Maple lounge. Its very high end, wooden floors, awesome modern furniture and just had a modern feel in its interior design.

So anyways, there were about 12 models chosen including me. I was the only asian one though so yay me! lol. The designer is Se Sens Serene. The title of the show was Music In COLOR Crescendo. She had a variety of design, from elegant cultural pieces with pretty patterns to very rigid yet feminine gladiator-like design.

The fashion show was definitely a success! There were people everywhere and the media was also there, even the governor of Baltimore city! how cool is that!?

The white sauri group! me on the left!
The runway was a bit tricky as it was wooden and highly polished, but thankfully i planned ahead and bough myself one of those anti-slip things that u put in the sole of the high heels. :D There was also about a 4 stage stairs that we had to go up and down to, which was a pain but thankfully we could at least hold the railings.

The show was divided into two parts.
Gladiator dress. Very hot!
First was the cultural elegant sauri (is that what they call em. im not sure.) And there were sets of 3 colors for each category. There were 3 white sauris, 3 black sauris, 3 gold sauris and 2 silver sauri (1 model was no show :( ). It was awesome, my piece was a white one designed with bronzy sequence and pearls. It was fabulous, wish i could have kept it! Anyways after the presentation of that, There was a belly dancing intermission/performance. And when the was done, the second part of the fashion show commenced. It included very gladiator-like pieces and very colorful and flowy dresses! Simply amazing.
White sauri on me!
Gladiator group! me and my entourage lol
The fashion show lasted about an hour and a half, and there was an after party. I stayed for a wittle bit but i was very tired and had to go early. Not to mention, drive one hour away to home. My friend justin was there to support me so thank you Justin!




  1. You looked especially regal in your pieces, Trista. I think the designs were based on Indian fashions? I'm not sure. Anyway, from your reports, and everything I saw, the fashion show was well-executed and you seemed to enjoy yourself. Kudos to you and your team for a job well done. I think you have enough talent and heart to make it big. It's only for you to recognise it in yourself. Anyway, you did a brilliant job, one you should be extremely proud of. Cheers, baby.

    *the literary rag was last seen cracking open a fresh bottle of bubbly and making a toast to an exceptionally beautiful girl (Trista)*

  2. You have a great runway walk and presence, better than any of the others in this show: your walk is natural and confident. (There was at least one silly walk there, and many awkward walks). You really look like a top model, impressive for a first show (like Karlie Kloss's first show).

    I don't think the right word for fashion modelling is "shallow"; maybe "fickle" or "unfair" are better terms. Karl Lagerfeld, the head designer for Chanel is famous for the quote "fashion is unfair".

    There are two trends (maybe temporary) in fashion that might be in your favor:

    1) Asian Models in high fashion due to China's new wealth.
    2) Transgendered / Super Androgynous models in high fashion.

    1) There are some Asian models rising in high fashion now, possibly due to the new wealth in China and designers wanting to sell to that market. The successful Asian models are mostly Chinese and Japanese, but you never know in fashion, it's so fickle, you could be next.

    Top models make $250,000/yr, the top 50 earn in the $ millions.

    Some high fashion Asian models (that you might google) are: Tao Okamato, Ai Tominaga, Liu Wen, Sun Fei Fei, Sui He, Ming Xi, Hye Park (Korean-American, from Salt Lake City, Utah). I know you are probably not Chinese or Japanese, but I just wanted to point out a trend in of fashion.

    You should also look at "" Don't post there, just see the amazing information of fashion models and the fashion industry.

    2) There are two models that are transgendered, or super androgynous, that are making a big impact in fashion now: Lea T (also Lea Tisci) a transgendered woman in the top 50 models in the world (see working mostly for Balenciaga.
    And Andrej Pejic, he is really making it hard to define, but he walked in both menswear shows, womenswear shows and women's haute coutre in Paris at Jean Paul Gaultier. But also ads for Marc Jacobs and John Galliano.

    Fashion is fickle, unpredictable, unfair, you could be in one day and out the next. But it's like a lottery with a high pay out.

    I don't know your height or other measurements, those can be impeditments if you are less than 5' 7", but you look taller than that.

    I follow fashion a lot and you looked like a real high fashion model on the runway in the youtube video that I saw and in the associated pictures. It's a tough industry, with rejection and uncertainty, but with a potentially high paying job, and the opportunity to travel and meet new and very talented people, even if you don't make the big bucks.

    You have your foot in the door, you really should try to get inside this industry if you can, explore a little: you worked hard at being an attractive woman and this is a natural progression. Some people study electrical engineering and they naturally become an electrical engineer. You studied becoming a beautiful woman and it's natural you become a fashion model (the epitome of a beautiful women). And fashion seems more open to what is beauty.